Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Keeping Praying for Rain!

Good morning, friends. Because of some of the e-mail problems recently, the posts you are seeing are all one to three weeks old for now. We are close to getting caught up to real-time, but we’re just not quite there. So, please allow me to step in and give you a real-time request.

The need for rain is still very pressing. The rain mentioned in the June 18th post was the last measurable rain in Marulaon. Rain tanks are very low and the need is great. So, please don’t stop praying!

At the same time, though, please pray for a balance of sunshine. There have been a lot of cloudy days, despite the lack of rain. The batteries rely on sunshine as much as the water tanks rely on rain.

I’ll try to keep real-time updates on rain and sunshine posted, even as the older daily posts are still coming through.

Thanks for praying! And now back to our regularly scheduled posts…

~Ann H.

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