Friday, July 25, 2014

Sunday, July 20

After our traditional Sunday pizza, Mama and I took a walk around the village to deliver the last of the sewing supplies donated by her friends.  The Kosco had just arrived from Honiara (earlier than we expected!), so many of the people we hoped to see were dropping off kids on the Kosco to go to school.

As we walked around, my mom's fresh eyes perceived things to which I had grown dull.  Boys working with big bush knives is a normal part of my day, but to my mom, the boys should be a little bit bigger and the knives a little bit smaller!

We ended up over at my friend Ofoaen's house.  Everybody we saw boosted my mom's ego with comments like, "You two look like sisters!" or "Your mom is so young!"  Ofoaen is a young grandmother herself, beautiful inside and out, never complaining no matter how hard the work gets.

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