Monday, July 7, 2014

Saturday, June 21

Guava for 6-21
A sweet, ripe guava showed up at market this morning!  Most fruit is picked before it's ripe (or maybe it's before the fruit bats can get it), so to find a gorgeous, delicious guava made all of us smile and slurp.

Benjamin enjoying guava for 6-21

Our church district has asked each village to contribute towards its budget for the year, and our village has been broken up into groups of three families each.  We love that they included us in a group, too!  At the end of market, Naris told me that her group was holding a fundrasier by selling fish and cassava balls (cassava smashed in the kolkol and mixed with thick coconut cream).  I was super eager to help them and to get lunch for my family at the same!

Julie making fundraiser food 6-21
I went over early to see if I could help.  Naris' son, Rube, was watching his dad, Dawa, smash the cassava and mix it with the coconut cream.

Dawa smashing cassava 6-21

While they assembled the food, I noticed piles of copra bags waiting to be weighed and taken to be cooked in huge copra driers. 

copra bags 6-21
Several guys lugged the 100kg bags of copra and held the scale steady while another one noted the weight and wrote it down.  Copra is the quickest way for our neighbors to make a little cash.

scaling copra 6-21
Soon the food was ready, and I was happy to buy three plates of delicious cassava balls and cooked fish!

cassava balls 6-21
But the food didn't make it until lunch, we scarfed it down as a "second breakfast".

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