Sunday, July 6, 2014

Wednesday, June 18

Aaron and I lay in bed last praying and asking for wisdom.  We have less than a week's worth of water left in the rain tank.  Do we pack a few things and send me and the kids back to Honiara while Aaron stays in Marulaon to work?  How do we manage keeping one foot in the Solomon culture and one foot in the American culture?  Do we need to go "bush true" and just splash water over our heads at the well like our neighbors (even though I've struggled with skin issues often)?  Do we need to toss root crops on the fire to avoid using water to cook?  How is it right that we can "escape" and run back to Honiara if water gets low when my neighbors have to contend with less than ideal circumstances?  What is the best way to be Jesus' hands and feet here?

Thankfully, God answered quickly and clearly.  This morning, the rain began.  And it kept coming.  The wind blew rain onto the porch and we had to move school inside.  It was still blowing and raining when I read aloud to the kids.  And I soaked it all up, the sweet refreshment, the coolness, the relief at being able to stay in Marulaon.

Science exp for 6-18 post
Katherine loves having her own curriculum.  Today was her day for science experiments, and Benjamin had some extra time to help her.  He's such a great big brother!  Even though the experiment didn't work exactly like it was supposed to, I still heard lots of laughter.  And I'm pretty sure Katherine grasped the science concepts, too.

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Cindy said...

I am so thankful that God sent rain! At the same time, it is good to hear the processes you and Aaron go through in your decision making. Thank you for being so open and for sharing with us. I love you tu mas!