Thursday, May 14, 2009


Saturday, May 9
Yesterday, the kids and I went to watch Skita prepare lelenga. We had hoped to help her grate the cassava and the coconut, but we were too late. (I'm planning to buy a coconut scraper and a cassava grater to take back with us to Marulaon.) When we arrived, she was just taking the hot stones off the fire with a pair of bamboo tongs (I saw those at the market yesterday, guess I'll have to get a pair, too!).
Then she took a huge banana leaf and placed it in a big aluminum pan like the one Aaron made at POC last fall. She began by ladling thick coconut milk to coat the pan, then using her hands she placed a layer of cassava over the coconut milk. She alternated layers again before topping it off with the last of the coconut milk. Then she folded the banana leaf over the top.

Then Skita placed the pan on top of the preheated stones and covered the pan with hot stones.

On top of that, she placed some umalau (sweet potato) to steam for supper, and some more leaves to trap the heat.

On top of all of this, she positioned a burlap bag secured with stones.

After evening prayer, she brought us some delicious lelenga! When we get back to Marulaon, I'll make this with her watching me. Guess I'll have to eat any mistakes...

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TheHarriman Family said...

Paul would love this! He is so into dutch oven cooking, and that is definitely the rustic form it! Thanks for all your sharing. It is fun to learn about a new culture.