Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wednesday, April 22
Market day! Marulaon has just begun holding their own market, and I am so thankful! It's only once a week, but it will provide us with some fresh fruits and veggies I hope. The ones we brought with us are almost gone. I learned lots of helpful phrases today, like "I would like...", and "How much is it?", and "What is this?". Sarah and I drew quite a crowd as we tried to buy a little something from everybody. We bought a citrus fruit (molokita), some green beans (bin – how funny is that!), some steamed taro pudding (lelenga), chinese cabbage (faluk), and taro (umalau). I passed on the crabs, though! Two different ladies brought us fresh tuna this morning, so tonight we will eat tuna, papaya that we brought with us, and the chinese cabbage and taro that I bought at the market.

The church has a beautifully carved podium. It is a frigate bird in flight with an open Bible on its back. The services have already been translated into Lavukaleve, so we can follow along. Sarah and I are beginning to be able to sing along (since they sing the words more slowly than they speak them) and recognized some of the tunes.

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