Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Market Day

Wednesday, May 06, 2009
Market Day! We walked down as a family today, and the kids swam while I shopped. I was really proud of myself for doing all of my shopping in stumbling Lavukal (with the aid of some 3 x 5 cards). We bought some "mogea" (kinda like a tart apple), some more "fakul", smoked "meo" (tuna), and "mata" (donuts!). Sweet breads are really big here, and when we come back with more gas for the stove, I'm planning to bake a lot. We've heard lots about the banana bread that the family before us made!

Grace promised to bring us some lelenga, and we were so excited when she brought it by after evening prayer. It was soooo good and hot. It's only grated cassave and coconut milk steamed in a square shape inside leaves. The best parts are the corners (kinda like brownies) where the coconut milk pools at the corners. Who knew anything like that could be so yummy?

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