Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weeding and Solar Panels

Monday, May 4
The community gathered this morning to "weed" the area around our house. It's mowing the grass, Solomon style. You take your bush knife and hack at the roots of everything you don't want to grow, or you just pull the weeds up by the roots. I tried to pull up some of the things that they wanted to keep, but they quickly told me to leave the "grass". Now we have a beautiful patch of dirt surrounding the house (and I have some great blisters), but I think it will be green again very soon. The picture above is of Olivia helping Ruthie weed.

While I was clearing brush, I noticed that they were also pruning some of the flowering bushes. I asked if I could clear away the clippings, but they told me that the clippings were to replant. I watched them dig a hole, and stick a recently cut branch into the ground! The amazing thing is, it will grow beautifully here. I may actually be able to keep a garden or flowers here (you can pick you jaw up off the floor now).

After the yard was done, Aaron and the chief worked on digging the hole for the pole to hold the solar panels. The cement arrived yesterday on the Bikoi, and Aaron plans to pour the concrete soon. Digging through coral is hard work. I think Aaron will be sore tomorrow.

Tonight at Evening Prayer, Aaron was asked to give the Gospel reading. He read from the Pijin Bible, and he did a great job. We have really felt like a part of the community today as we worked and worshipped together.

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