Friday, March 10

While I chatted with Kiko about what we need to do to feed the translation team well during the consultant check, I watched Kiko's sister Daisy peel and wash cooking bananas with her spunky granddaughter, Laitima.

Kiko and I made plans and grocery lists, then we observed some of their family members returning from the clinic. Kiko's sister-in-law, Nancy, had been admitted to the clinic for Dengue Fever. I had seen Nancy's husband applying a paste of cooling leaves to Nancy's forehead earlier in the day to help relieve her headache, and I am so thankful they took the time and energy to paddle over to the clinic.

Nancy's little girl, Annie, was quiet and missing her mama, so she snuggled up to me while I finished discussing the catering with Kiko (I loved every minute!).


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