Friday, March 17

Today has been full. That's just the best way I know to describe it. The bell for penance rang at 7:00. Our family joined the Marulaon community in their regular Lenten practice of an hour of silent physical labor to ponder Jesus' sacrifice and to ponder our own sins. By the time we got home, we were absolutely soaked and exhausted. Our neighbors can run circles around us!

Sarah and Benjamin finished the school year today. They have been working ahead diligently to be free for the consultant checking next week. We will still all sit down for read-aloud after lunch so we can finish God's Smuggler together, though. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that Sarah is finished not just with the school year, but with every bit of school under our roof.

I met with Chef Kiko today and got a grocery list from her. James is bringing some treats from town to kick off the consultant checking (like a watermelon!), but there are still some practical things I need to buy for her at the little stores here in Marulaon. I shared some of our lunch today with her as a "taste test" for a recipe that I thought we could bring to help feed the guys next week, too. Kiko thinks the red lentil and ginger curried pumpkin is a keeper!

After school, I went down the hill to hold another little cooking school for banana cake and chocolate cake (also known as birthday cake). It's always such a fun time to hang out with the ladies and get good snuggles from the babies. While we waited for the cakes to cook in the drum oven, the conversation turned to family and marriage. We swapped questions about each other, and I had a chance to talk about God's plan for marriage. Being married is hard work, but soooo worth it!


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