Sunday, March 26

The Lavukal translation
committee met underneath our house for more than four hours this afternoon. While the committee worked their way through the agenda, the rest of us enjoyed walking around the village and catching up with our friends.

Julie and her husband Atkin sang out to me as I walk along the beach. He is the new school board chairman for Fly Harbour Primary School and his term began today. They were wondering if I could go take videos and pictures of the school later this week. We made a plan for Julie and me to go on Thursday morning.

I moseyed on down the beach and found mamas and sisters and nieces and little ones sitting in hammocks in the shade, just waiting for the ship to come while they fixed each other's hair. Olivia and her friends joined in the hair fixing party, too. I eventually made my way over to a friend's kitchen near our house so I could keep an eye on the translation committee meeting. I chatted with a pair of sisters about all sorts of things - what a good daughter Sarah is to sweep the porch each morning (who knew?!?), how we have to start each day giving it to God (especially when we are asking for wisdom with our children), and when she asked me how old I am we chatted about how it is against custom to ask an American woman her age!


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