Sunday, March 19

Because our village is at the northwestern group of islands in our language group, and the Kosco comes from its stop in Yandina, in the southeastern group of islands, we can see the ship long before it arrives at our village. And today we had good reason to excitedly anticipate the arrival of the ship because our friend, James, was coming to do our first consultant checking of scripture!

We watched the ship get closer and waited on the shore alongside our neighbors. Olivia and Lucia had each other laughing like crazy.

Leonard took his boat with three of our kids to meet the Kosco when the ship finally chugged around the corner of one of our little islands. Watching it come towards us dodging the shallow areas, we smiled and said it looked like the ship was make figure eights!

Finally, "Uncle Fudge," as all of the SITAG kids have dubbed him, arrived on dry land, and our Marulaon community welcomed him with a beautiful garland, a welcome song, and a speech. Aaron woke up this morning muttering how today had actually arrived. That the consultant checking was really here!

We appreciate this team of guys so much, they are unsung heroes to us. And we appreciate those of you who are "holding the rope" for us around the globe. We know that God uses your prayers to strengthen the work here. The guys will begin with exegetical checking tomorrow. Would you please continue to pray?

-For protection from distraction as James, Aaron, Ezekiel, Matthew, and Simon work together.
-For good cross-cultural communication.
-For the Holy Spirit to give spiritual eyes of discernment to each of the participants as they check.
-For the Choate kids who have been running fevers for the last few days.


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