Monday, March 27

Last night, Katherine noticed that her sweet friend, Soima, was limping as she walked and didn't leave for school. So, my tender-hearted daughter asked me to go down this morning to check on Soima and see what was bothering her. Just as Aaron and James were leaving to start their work day with the translation team, and Sarah and Benjamin went to carry bags of sand up the hill for a community construction project, I went down to put my mama skills to work. I found Soima with something embedded in her left heel and with a huge crusty, weepy sore the size of an orange just below her left knee. Her mama was getting ready to take her to the clinic (a long paddle followed by a long walk) to get a shot of antibiotics, so I asked if it was okay if I doctored Soima's leg.

First I shared a small jar of salt and suggested that they soak Soima's foot in hot water with salt added to draw out the hard lump that was forming in her heel. Then I took antibacterial soap and began washing her sweet leg. The soap also was a gift from us because I discovered that she doesn't use soap when she bathes. Then I started in with the hydrogen peroxide and cotton swabs. By this time, I was deciding that I need to take some medical classes when we return to America! After being gentle and careful in my cleaning, I warned Soima that I was about to start poking and prodding and asked her mama if that was okay. We worked together to clean out the gunk, and I dressed her wound with some monster bandaids and some antibiotic ointment.

A huge thank you to those of you who have sent first aid supplies over the years! I finished up by giving her some ibuprofen and praying over her leg. Then, I went to check on the translation team. They are working hard today, making sure to include women in their checking of the book of Ruth. Hopefully, the checking will be finished by the end of the day, and the team can complete all of the little bits and pieces tomorrow morning, followed by recording Jonah and Ruth!


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