Tuesday, March 28

When I walked down the hill to check on Soima's leg, her sweet mama was thrilled to show me a beautifully healing and drying sore! Telling God "thank you" together was a joy!

This morning, the translation team was still working on checking through Ruth, yesterday went much slower than anticipated and highlighted the need for more literacy skills in our language group. Everybody is near the end of their stamina, but they keep pushing on.

Sarah and Eta paddled our canoe over to another small island to get dead coral washed up on the beach (called coral "gravel") to put underneath our rain tanks to keep the area clean and dry. I'm so proud of Sarah, she is really jumping into Lavukal culture and is earning quite a good name for herself.

The translation team finally finished up all of the little bits and pieces late this afternoon. They have learned a lot about the whole process of checking, and we feel confident that next time the consultant will find a smoother road to travel with the Lavukal team. They didn't have time to make a recording of Ruth or Jonah, and they didn't ever get to checking the beginning of Matthew, but they DID complete so much. When I went down to take a final picture of the team, I told them that people all over the world were praying for them. Oh, how we appreciate the upholding and strengthening prayers that so many of you have offered on behalf of our family and the translation team!


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