Saturday, March 25

I'm always amazed at the bounty and variety of the fruits and vegetables here in Marulaon Village. I was able to buy three kinds of beans this morning, in addition to the rest of the abundance I bought for our family and for the translation team. Sarah was oohing and aahing over the beauty of the food, too, and wanted to take lots of pictures. She was cracking me up by standing on top of the cabinet and trying different angles to capture the generosity of our neighbors.

The translation team was able to clean up all of the last bits and pieces of Jonah by lunch time today. To rest the body and mind, James requested a fishing expedition. Our translation committee chairman, Leonard, took James and our three younger kids out and about the Russells to catch some fish and to see the beautiful cave near Leru Village (the home of Simon, one of the translators).

Sarah and I worked on getting the cassava pudding on the fire while Aaron made the changes to Ruth necessary for the checking with the UNS to begin on Monday morning. The fishing expedition came home just after sunset, happy, but empty handed.


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