Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tuesday, March 21

In the last two weeks, three new babies have been born in our village! The newest one, a little girl, was added today. I dropped off some laundry detergent as a "welcome home" present. I know of four other mamas that are expecting babies. Population growth is good for a tiny language group like ours!

When the guys get home after a long day of working through the texts, James helps Aaron continue to learn Paratext, the software that many translation advisers use. Neither Aaron nor I are very good at keeping up with technology and all of its gizmos, but James patiently teaches Aaron in baby steps.

This morning we had four different people come ask for fish hooks. The conservation ban on fishing was lifted for this week. In addition to the translation team working in Marulaon, another big workshop is here all week long. With all of the extra visitors, the community leaders felt like the best way they could offer hospitality was to go fishing. I anticipate some fish coming our way tonight in appreciation of our gift of hooks.

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