Wednesday, March 29

The boat arrived this morning around 7:00 this morning, and the three younger kids accompanied James in the motor canoe out to the ship. He made a Lavukaleve Scripture app that can easily be used on any Android device, so we are super excited! When we finally get the recordings made, we can layer the recordings on top and the text will be highlighted as it is read.

Aaron got to shift from working hard with his mind to working hard with his hands. Getting the house ready for a long absence means weatherproofing the porch and the rain tank stands were on the top of our work list today. Aaron was able to finish what Benjamin started last week.

Tomorrow, Benjamin and Aaron plan to replace the leaky gutters on our house so the rain tanks will fill well. And I have been invited to go over to Fly Harbour Primary School on the other end of our island to take pictures and videos of all of the cute kids there


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