Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Brisbane Update

From an e-mail from Aaron a few minutes ago:

"They say Benjamin's vision is great. His eyes are seeing about the same which is really good. At distance his eyes go out a bit and near they go in. But either way it is like 3%. They say anything under 5% they leave alone. They were complimentary of Dr. Gross's [B's eye doctor in Dallas] care and say B is in really good shape. I think Dr. Gole said and "oil and lube job". So he says he doesn't need to see B for another year. We are set with a tentative appt the end of Sept 2010."

Thanks for all of your prayers! This is better than anything we could have asked for...God is so good to give bountifully, as usual.


Abi's Blog said...

I'm so glad for this good report - continuing to pray for a safe return and for all of you. Trusting in God is such a joy and comfort.

Anonymous said...

Oh, great news!!! Such a relief to know our boy's doing okay. Thanks for your constant updates (we know who got the consistency genes in the family, and that would not be me...). I can't get candy to you until Thursday or Friday...

When they get home, give my nephew a huge hug for me.