Monday, October 19, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

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FOR TODAY...October 19, 2009

Outside my window...sun popping up over the Pacific and the heavens declaring the glory of God in brilliant color

I am thinking...about my friend Gayly. Her family is headed to Washington D.C. so her husband can run a marathon to raise money for Love Without Boundaries. Go Shawn!

I am thankful for...the SITAG generator that kicks in when Honiara's power goes off
I am wearing...turquoise cotton pajamas
I am grandfather whose birthday is tomorrow. Happy birthday!
I am enjoy lots of company this week as we try to have each SITAG family over one more time before we leave
I am reading...Sonlight's Core 5 lesson plans. We will be starting Cores 5 & K in December and I'm trying to have all my ducks in a row before we leave for Marulaon.
I am hoping...and praying that Aaron and Benjamin have a great trip to Australia and get a good doctor's report.
On my mind...keeping an intentionally slow pace to allow room in our family for creativity, helping others, etc.

From the learning rooms...History - Truman Doctrine, Korean & Vietnam wars, civil rights movement, Sarah - finding volume, Benjamin - hours, minutes, & other units of time, Olivia - addition within 100, Katherine - sorting and matching colors, etc.
Noticing that...two year olds fill me with joy and wonder and laughter
Pondering these words... "Live simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply. Speak Kindly. Leave the rest to God."~Ronald Reagan
From the kitchen...breakfast casserole and cubed papaya to start the day, tuna salad & crackers with tomato slices and the last of the carrot sticks (no more in town) for lunch, and curried lentils with gingersnaps for dessert all made by chef Olivia
Around the house...a game of Express in between hands (wondering who will win?), packing for the trip to Australia, coloring pages of MLK strung up next to excellent handwriting samples

One of my favorite things~ grateful children
From my picture journal...
the view out the window this morning


LISA said...

Praying for the trip to Austrailia.
Can you please tell me what SITAG stands for, sorry for my ignorance.
A trip to the Soloman Islands, you have no idea how fast I can be packed. I think my better half would be a little less willing, but maybe I could beg?
Have a great week and I pray the water holds out.

Choate Family said...

SITAG is an acronym for Solomon Islands Translation Advisory Group. My husband, Aaron, is a Bible translation advisor for the Russell Islands, a small group of islands west of Guadalcanal.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I love reading your daybook... so much is similar no matter where we are, but I enjoy the unexpected in your lives :0)

What is the trip to Oz for? I understand it's for a doctor visit, but didn't catch the purpose.

Ahhhhh, the sun rising over the Pacific... enjoy it!


Choate Family said...

Benjamin has worn glasses since he was two for "lazy eye". He had surgery two years ago to correct the problem, and we enjoyed an incredible doctor when we lived in Dallas.

Benjamin hasn't seen a doctor since we moved across the Pacific, so this is to get him back on track and check his progress with depth perception.

I know you understand about boys with medical needs way more than I do!