Monday, October 19, 2009

This just in...

From SITAG's director a moment ago:

"Just confirming that water is still tight. We have been getting reasonable but intermittent supplies from SIWA [Solomon Island Water Association]. We have extra workshop participants here this week, who have all been advised to be careful with water. The new tank is installed and connected to a rainwater supply and SIWA, so it can fill from whatever is available.

"Our holding capacity is now around 5400 gallons (up 1000 with the new tank) and we have about 3800 in storage at the moment. I estimate that we are using somewhere between 1200-1500 gallons a day, so you will appreciate that we are still very dependent on good supplies from SIWA. Hopefully our usage will fall next week after the workshop. Please continue to pray for good rain..."


Nahna said...

We have gorgeous sunshine this morning, but I will continue to pray for good rains for you all as the need increases this week, especially. God IS faithful to provide according to our needs.

Love to all.

Abi's Blog said...

Oh, how I wish I could send some of our water your way - The sun is supposed to shine today, thankfully. I still have a fan on my carpet in the front bedroom b/c the water seeped through the brick - we've got to do some major drainage control - hopefully before the next big rain. Praying for your situation there! Blessings,

Ann said...

Oh that I could have sent you some of our rain! I'll keep praying!