"Because we are sinful, there's a part of us that always wants to hide from God and each other....That's why those moments of true communion are so delicious.  They are a pure gift, a generous outpouring from the God whose very nature is relationship."  ~Emilie Barnes

My brother and sister-in-law graced us with one last visit and came to eat breakfast with us Saturday morning before their long drive back to Savannah.

Sunday morning, we drove down to Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Carlisle, Arkansas.  My uncle is the pastor, so we got a double whammy of great relationships!  What a sweet time we had sharing about Bible translation, holding new babies, and catching up.  Something about church potlucks just draws folks together.  We felt like we had only been gone four weeks instead of four years.

After church, Uncle Andy took our kids up in his airplane for a quick flight before the sun set.  I think it was the highlight of their day!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifing shadows." James 1:17

Up, up and away!

Katherine really hit it off with my cousin Joseph

My wanna-be pilot asked lots of questions during the flight & came out grinning


How fun is THAT??!!!
quilt'n-mama said…
What a special day!
When I was a little girl my dad had a little plane that we would go up in and I remember loving it too!
So much family and fun... so GOOD!

Love the pic of the kids flying. Maybe they'll be interested in Civil Air Patrol when they're older, depending on where you are.

Future missionary pilots?


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