Thursday, June 14, we enjoyed a day with Nahna, Papa, and Aaron's neice and nephew.  This was the first time Aaron's mother had ever enjoyed all six of her grandchildren at the same time. 

First, we took the kids over to Hendrix College for a photo shoot.  The photographer did a great job of keeping the kids moving and happy, and we're looking forward to seeing her pictures.

Then, we went back to Nahna and Papa's house for lunch and swimming.  These cousins don't get to spend much time together, and they had a blast!

I ended up with a contact-induced headache while the kids swam.  Not sure yet if contacts and I are going to be a good fit.  Thanks to Nahna for taking the pictures.  Spending time together was like an early Father's Day present!  So thankful we are close enough to see loved ones easily again.


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