Blueberry Picking

When we began to plan our travels for the summer, we intentionally scheduled around blueberry picking in Nesbit, Mississippi.

Picking these sweet and juicy fruits was a yearly tradition when we lived in Mississippi, and every chance we get we come back and meet up with some dear friends we originally met at library story time when I was pregnant with Olivia.

The picking season started extra early this year, but we still found three buckets worth of ripe berries.

We also discovered a nest with baby birds hidden in one of the blueberrry bushes.

This is what a successful morning of picking berries looks like - purple fingers (and purple tongues, too!).

After picking blueberries, we headed back over to our friends' home where the kids played and the grownups caught up on four years worth of life.  Sarah also made a print using light sensitive paper and leaves.  My friend, Christine, is a fabulous artist, and she always has cool art supplies lying around the house.

After we reluctantly left their house, we headed to the grocery store for vanilla ice cream to complement the blueberry cobbler we were about to make.  We took the dessert over to spend some time with more friends in Memphis.  As often happens, I got to talking and forgot to take any pictures. 

Something funny happened while we were visiting on the front porch of their cute little old house.  Aaron looked up the temperature in Memphis at 8:15 in the evening:  90 degrees, 42% humidity.  In Honiara at the very same time (4:15 in the morning):  88 degrees, 94% humidity.  Yep, that's why you won't find us cranking up the air conditioning or complaining about the heat.  Feels like home.


Ann said…
So glad you got some blueberries!!

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