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For today...Tuesday, June 12

Outside my window...a much needed rain is falling, and everything smells so good.  The sun is having a hard time penetrating the clouds, and the back porch where I'm sitting is still shadowy.

I am hearing...the rain, the coffee pot sputtering the last few drops, not much else because the kids are at my parent's house

Pondering these words..."Beauty captivates the senses in order to obtain permission to pass straight through to the soul....The soul's inclination to love beauty is the trap God most frequently uses in order to win it."  ~Simone Weil

I am praying...for the upcoming Festival of the Pacific Arts being held in Honiara July 1-15.  Lots of our friends are working hard to get everything ready for the thousands of people who will soon descend on the Solomon Islands.

I am thankful...for my amazing husband.  Early yesterday morning, I looked out the window to see Aaron and Katherine reading "The Story for Little Ones" for her Jesus Time.  Our friends, the Hibbards, gave us several books from this series, and we have really enjoyed them.

I am wearing...white capris and a purple shirt with pintucks down the front, still feels funny to wear pants after wearing skirts for four years

I am the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock today with my mama and my kids

I am to use bifocal contacts.  Going on Thursday to pick them up!

I am looking forward to...slowing down after we move to Dallas in August

From the kitchen...cornflake chicken, dilly zucchini casserole (thanks for the recipe, Aunt Connie!), fruit salad, and green beans

In the learning room...just doing math and science a couple days this week.  Sarah - algebra basics, comparing density of objects; Benjamin - radius & diameter of a circle, comparing density of objects; Olivia - finding the area of composite figures, studying mammals; Katherine - months and seasons

Around the house...I can smell our newest local find, Biff's coffee, chocolate raspberry, to be exact

Noticing that...the kids saw hail for the first time yesterday when a storm blew threw.  Just before the storm hit, the clouds were gathering, the humidity was rising, and I realized that the storm made everything begin to feel just the Solomon Islands at 6 a.m. when I leave the house to walk!

One of my favorite morning with the attic fan making the kids bundle up in quilts and scramble for their coffee

A few plans for the rest of the week...going to Little Rock today with my mama, tomorrow morning, going to Lake Conway to visit with my grandparents, Thursday, spending time with Aaron's mom and a photo shoot with all six of her grandchildren, Friday meeting another bloggy friend so we can finally be friends in real life, and Saturday we leave for Jonesboro to celebrate Father's Day with Aaron's Dad and family and to begin an almost three week trip in the Memphis area.


Ann said…
This post just made me smile from start to finish. I never grow tired of reading your blog posts!
Abi's Blog said…
Don't forget to inclued east Texas, specifically Gilmer (Grice) in your plans - you may want to wait until you get settled in Dallas - but you are welcome any time!

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