Thursday, June 21, 2012

Upcoming Festival of Pacific Arts

The Solomon Islands is hosting the Festival of Pacific Arts 1-14 July. This event, designed to promote traditional art forms in the region, is held every four years and draws participants from 25 countries.

For the first time, SIL has been invited to participate in the festival. A ‘Languages of the Pacific’ display will be housed in the Solomon Islands National Museum and will serve to educate and highlight the value of vernacular languages. Daily interactive linguistic activities are being planned as well as a running count of languages represented at the festival.

A Wycliffe Discovery team of university students interested in linguistics and the arts has been formed. The students will participate in a one-week field training opportunity in Dallas, June 18-22, called ‘Arts for a Better Future’. They will then travel to the Solomon Islands and lead a one-week workshop as a part of the arts festival, passing on the training they received in Dallas. The festival organizing committee has also given time for the participants to demonstrate the skills learned in the workshop. Those students interested in linguistics will help elicit linguistic information at the festival as part of the languages display.

Wycliffe Australia and Wycliffe New Zealand are providing Bible storytelling expertise by offering a training course the week before the festival. During the festival short interactive workshops in Bible storytelling will be offered.

SIL Pacific Area is grateful for the unique opportunity to promote the work of Bible translation and related ministries at the Festival of Pacific Arts. Please be praying for good interactions with participants, government officials and visitors to the festival. May God use this opportunity to get more Pacific Islanders involved in this work!

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