My mama took the kids to the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock yesterday.  She let me tag along, too. 

Benjamin was brave enough to lie down on the bed of nails.

Olivia had fun learning that the more pulleys you use, the less work it is to pull yourself up.

And Sarah really had a blast catching the scarves as they popped out of the clear tubes in the center of the museum.

Katherine takes the prize, though.  She immediately found the one black bead hiding in a tube of one million beads.

Before we headed home, we stopped by River Market Books & Gifts (Central Arkansas Library's used book store), where I found a hardcover 1942 copy of Holling C. Holling's "Tree in the Trail".  It was a fabulous way to end the day!


AMAZING! I see the black bead! Gotta love those science museums :D

Ann said…
Way to go, Katherine! How fun!

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