Saturday, June 30, 2012

We met with another friend at the Memphis Botanical Garden on Friday morning.

I thought this chrysalis swing was so creative!

Sarah finally saw the pollen sacs on the bee's legs.  She was so excited!

This sculpture of a huge earthworm made me smile.

A swan was swimming along with all of the ducks and fish hoping for a free meal.

So, we made their day and gave 'em some food.

After we finished admiring God's creation, we drove over to the Memphis Central Library.

Oh, my, it's a bibliophile's dream.  I could have spent hours in just the children's section.  My kids had fun riding on the glass elevator.  Any library that needs mulitple floors is my kind of library.

This library also has a second hand bookstore.  We each picked out a book or two to take home, but the find of the day was Gladys Taber's Stillmeadow Sampler.  Can you believe it, the book store had two?!?  One for the friend with us and one for me!  Both copies are 1959 editions with dust jackets.

The library made us hungry and thirsty, so we decided to walk across the parking lot to La Baguette, a cozy little French sandwich and pastry shop.

We refueled with some coffee and some of the delicious pastries, as well as the great company!

Friends are such a gift!


us5 said...

oooh...that library is amazing! :D sounds like you are continuing in thanksgiving for all God's goodness. ♥

Anonymous said...

Okay, so this looks like WONDERFUL fun, but you know exactly what caught my eye (and made me shudder): giant worms! Ew ew ew ew. The rest--awesome. Thought I'd comment so you could laugh at my little phobia again.


Choate Family said...

Liss, you'd be happy to know that the worm wasn't slimy, it was only very hot in the mid-day Memphis sun :-)