Catching up with DFW...

The last few days, I've chosen to invest in my immediate circle of people, which means that I haven't opened the computer.  But I'm catching my breath this morning and posting pictures of some of the lovely people (who encourage and support and pray and give in all sorts of ways!) we saw while in the DFW area last week.
Tuesday started with breakfast at the house of our former SITAG boss.  We just love Uncle Jan and Aunt Debbie so much!
After breakfast, we drove to another one of our favorite places, Barnes and Noble, to meet with Cathy.  We met Cathy as she led the preschool story time at Barnes and Noble just after we moved to Dallas in 2006. 
Now she has a cute grandbaby that we got to pass around and snuggle while we visited.
Then it was off to a Solomon Islands lunch to reconnect with sweet Cynthia who was getting ready to head back to SITAG.  More time with our wedding buddies was a treat, too!

We enjoyed eating supper and catching up with Jim and Bobbie before we drove back to our rooms and crashed for the night.  We're always amazed at how generous people are with their time and energy whenever we are in town.

Wednesday morning, we met with our state-side supervisor.  Marla fixed us a yummy breakfast and took time to answer our questions and pray for us before we left.

Then, we were off to visit a former student and his adorable family.  I love how getting older erases the dividing lines of age.  It's no longer teacher and student, it's two couples who love spending time together watching their kids play together.
Our next stop was an AWANA kick-off night, more pictures to come...


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