Field Trip

We love living close enough to friends to make regular field trips together.  Yesterday, we met in the middle and experienced Heifer International's education center together.

So much of the displays - the mosquito nets, the buckets of water to lift and carry, the gardens and markets - were exactly what we live on the other side of the world.

And we share many of the same goals as Heifer International, except that our primary goal is to get the Bible translated into Lavukaleve as quickly as possible.

After a picnic lunch and lots of good visiting (did my heart good!), we decided to cool of with a trip to Loblolly Creamery.

So very cute!  And yummy.  And made right there in Little Rock.  And just in case you wondered, the cheesecake sundae is delicious.

And if you wanted to take some home, you could!  We didn't.  But we enjoyed walking around the shop and enjoying all of the other locally made things you could take home. 
Mugs, jewelry, coffee, things for babies, it was a feast for the eyes as well as for our tummies!

Our hearts were full, too, after spending the day with friends, and we look forward to the next field trip...


Anonymous said…
Oh, this looks AWESOME! We loved the Heifer Project when we visited a few years ago, but I've never heard of Loblolly. We have to go next time we're in town!

Love, Liss
Oooo, a field trip with Ice Cream! And the Hibbards! Sure looks like fun ;D

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