Full Day, Full Hearts


When we make these quick road trips, we NEVER have enough time to see everybody and do everything that we want. 

So we cram our days as full as we possibly can. One of our kids wisely said (as we were pulling out of yet another driveway and wiping the tears away), "Mama, I'd rather see people for a little while than not at all. 

We appreciate SO much everybody who got up early or rearranged schedules or let us rush out the door so that we could spend a few minutes catching up and hugging necks.  
We're grateful for the many places we've lived and the many activities we've experienced and the many friends we've made. Even though it means that our hearts are scattered around the world. 

We started Monday morning at our favorite coffee shop on furlough:  White Rhino Coffee House.

After we visited with friends and said hi to our favorite barista,
we headed farther south to visit with Edi and her husband.

We felt welcome before we even walked in the door!

And now we have a new favorite coffee shop, The Grind.

We may or may not be biased since Edi is the barista,

but if you are driving on Interstate 35W near Grandview, Texas, it will be worth your while to stop for a bathroom break even if you don't like coffee.

Plus, they make ice cream on the spot using liquid nitrogen!

But it IS loud.
Leaving friends is always difficult, but we needed to move on to even more friends.
And time with this bunch was short and sweet.

We ended our day with this crazy crew and enjoyed catching up.  Their girls are all grown up and teaching school now. It's so fun to watch God take each of our gifts and talents and unique personalities and use them for His glory!


quilt'n-mama said…
White Rhino & The Grind! Wow!!!! Sounds like lots of Yummy Goodness to me!

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