Kids Triathlon


Saturday morning, I was a blubbering idiot.  I was so proud, excited, scared, for my kids.  This triathlon thing was way out of their comfort zone.  "Plus One" for sure.  More like "Plus Twenty"!

Hard things are easier to do when you have a friend along, and we had a bunch of great friends to share the joy of swimming, biking, and running.

Aaron's mom and my parents both came to cheer,
and was I ever glad we had six grownups to cover each of the three stations, take pictures,
and help with the two littlest ones who didn't get to race.

The whole morning was a fabulous experience.

We had no expectations, no goals other than to finish the race.
Did I mention I was a total basket case?

It was all I could do not to break down and boohoo as I watched these precious gifts of children push themselves and utilize the discipline they have been building for weeks.

That physical discipline is transferring to other areas of their lives, too.  I'm seeing more maturity in their spiritual, emotional, and mental selves.

And I didn't embarrass my kids by bawling like a calf when they came flying across the finish line.

Then it was time to celebrate!

And be goofy with friends.

And make lemon cheesecake morning buns for an easy and yummy start to our Sunday morning. 

Everything is more fun when you share it with a friend - triathlons and baking!
We're so grateful for this sweet family who is willing to stop on their long road trip to spend a couple of nights with us.
I guess when you have friends who are crazy enough to come visit in Marulaon Village,
then pausing on their way to the East Coast isn't a very big deal.

But it is a big deal to us!  Thanks so much for a fabulous weekend and lots of sweet memories.


quilt'n-mama said…
Thanks for an amazing weekend friend! The kids really rocked it and we loved getting to do this with you guys!

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