Getting Ready...

Our job this weekend was to help out with wedding prep as much as we possibly could.
We love this sweet crew like they were our own flesh and blood.
What a joy to watch the generations mingle and play together.

Then we got serious about the work.  After all, the wedding was in less than twenty-four hours and we had lots of food to wash and chop and prepare!

Once again, all ages and stages worked together to help the celebration run smoothly.

Some people worked in the kitchen,
and some worked on other projects
(like spray painting frames,
cleaning the glass,
and putting pictures inside).
Amidst the long lists of things to do,
a sweet spirit of God's gift of family pervaded the whole house.

Then again, the house had twelve kids ages twelve and under...

which lent a spirit of joy
and a little bit of chaos to the atmosphere!


Lisa said…
Such a special time. Nice that you were able to be here to share in it. Praying for Aaron's travels and all of you continuing on state side.

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