Welcome, August!

Fairest of months!  ripe Summer's Queen
The hey-day of the year
With robes that gleam with sunny sheen,
Sweet August doth appear.
~R. Combe Miller

Look what we found in our backyard!  Lilies always mean August to me.  I love discovering surprises in the yard from the sweet former owners of our house.  Our August is off to a great start - we're rolling along well with school, preparing for some road trips ahead, and beginning to get things ready for Aaron's departure for the Solomon Islands in a few weeks.  What does August look like for you and yours?


quilt'n-mama said…
August means traveling your way in a few days then on east! Then returning home to start back to school!
It means more veggies in the garden, the end of swimming at the pool and our hearts beginning to think about fall!
Choate Family said…
Gayly, your plans for August make me smile! We're looking forward to seeing you guys soon :-)

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