Kansas City Girls Weekend (plus a couple of guys)

I have the best sisters.  When our family decided to come back to the States for medical care for Sarah, my sister who lives in Minnesota began looking for ways that we could get together.
My other sister lives in Kansas City, which is just about half-way in between central Arkansas and the Minnesota sister.  So when my nephew came down for a week of "grandparent camp", my sister cooked up a plan for a girls' weekend in Kansas City.
We are such party animals.  Our girls' night out consisted of eating at the Blue Koi (try the basil ginger chicken - yummy!) along with my brother-in-law and nephew.  Then we went back to the hotel and shelled the purple hull peas I picked up at the farmer's market that morning in Arkansas.

My Minnesota sister needed some good Southern food for a presentation at work, and she couldn't get purple hull peas way up north.  So in less than thirty-six hours, the peas I bought in Arkansas were shelled and shipped up to Minnesota!

We finished our brief time together at Benetti's Coffee Experience before each of us hit the road again to head home.  Some of us had more adventures on the way home than others, but everybody got home safely.  So grateful for the amazing ladies in my family!


Cindy said…
It was a very good week-end--a special treat to get my girls together. You are all such good company!
Ann said…
So glad you got to take that trip!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for taking the time for that weekend--it meant so much! The purple hull peas were INHALED; everyone loved them (and my mint sweet tea). I appreciated all the love that went into shelling them.


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