Good Neighbors

One of our concerns about living in America again was that we would miss the "open door" policy that we enjoyed in the Solomon Islands.  This weekend showed us we didn't have anything to worry about.  We discovered that our next door neighbor and the neighbor two doors down (for whom we were cat sitting) each had a birthday on Saturday.

So what was the proper thing to do?  For our next door neighbors, we decorated the porch and barely sneaked some cookies as they pulled into the driveway from their own birthday celebration. 
We took balloons, streamers, and a birthday carrot cake that Sarah whipped up to the other house.  We had a key so we could get in to feed the cats, and in less than five minutes, the kitchen island was decorated and the birthday cake was waiting for the family's imminent return. 

I have to admit that we decorated both houses with a little fear and trepidation because we know we've been forever changed by living in community overseas.  God quickly set our hearts at rest.  Within minutes, we had next door neighbors in our house, thanking us, visiting with us, and trying to help us figure out our sprinkler system.  And shortly thereafter, we got a text from the other neighbor telling us that carrot cake was his favorite.  A coincidence?  I don't think so.  Just another confirmation from our tender God who knows exactly what we need.


Oh, I LOVE that! So glad for the neighbors God has given you, and even gladder for your generous hearts :D

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