Love...True Love

School starts this week for most students in our area.  For most, a new school year isn't a life changing experience.  But thirty years ago this week, starting back to school changed my life because I met this character:
This is the earliest known picture (from 1986) of the two of us.  Aaron is cheesing it up for the camera from behind his cardboard & paper bag cello.  I'm standing with my hands on my hips, probably exerting my leadership skills.  Neither of us had any idea that our lives were beginning to intertwine.  But thirty years later, the sweetness of our relationship just continues to grow and deepen.  Every day, every hour, my man chooses to not give up on me because we are worth fighting for. 


OH THAT IS HILARIOUS!!! And adorable :D
quilt'n-mama said…
😉 love you guys!
Edith Morris said…
What a picture!! I think its cool how you have many pictures kept and stored, ready to whip out at the right times! -Edi
Ann said…
I love, love, love this one.

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