Isn't it lovely when your colleagues at work are also your friends?

Last weekend, we were so honored that this sweet family drove several hours out their way to come visit us at the beginning of their road trip.  They drove all night long to start a beautifully dry and cool (for the end of July!) Friday with us.  We played a fierce game croquet in our back yard,
then we took a picnic to a park where the grownups challenged each other to a game of couples tennis while the big kids played with the little ones who drew with chalk and blew bubbles. 

I loved the creativity that sparked the chalk princess and castle!


Julie and I went to the farmer's market together early Saturday morning.  Our friends had never eaten purple hull peas, so amongst other lovely food we bought, we came back with a bushel of peas to shell and enjoy.

Visiting with these guys is just so sweet.  You can just be raw and honest and they know you well enough to take the kernel and let the chaff blow away.  They are doing a great job of training their kids, so their kids are a joy to spend time with, too.
And in a few weeks, this handsome guy will be celebrating a birthday, so we had fun baking oatmeal chocolate cookies (at his request) Saturday night for an early birthday treat.

Servant hearts?  You bet.  We had to leave early Sunday morning to drive to a speaking engagement, and our friends cleaned up the kitchen before they continued on their road trip.  They spur me on to good deeds and a closer walk with Jesus, and I'm so thankful that, even though we no longer work together, God keeps crossing our paths!


Joy said…
So good to see you enjoying time with this sweet family:-)

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