Happy birthday, Nahna!


Last night, we got to celebrate with Aaron's mom.  It's still such a treat to be close to family and be able to celebrate special days together!  I hope I never get used to the joy of family and friends living nearby.

Because Aaron's mom strives to be gluten-free, we (okay, you all know it was really Sarah who made the birthday cake) tried a new recipe, "Deep, Dark Flourless Chocolate Cake", from one of our favorite cookbooks, the "Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook".  I'm so glad Nahna is gluten-free because this cake is fabulous and will be on our table again.
The weather cooperated beautifully for the 13th of August.  A little touch of fall was in the air with a nice breeze and lower humidity. The weather (high of 90 and low of 66!) was a lovely gift for a lovely lady, and we enjoyed eating supper outside.
 Olivia trounced us all soundly in a birthday game of golf.  I don't think she realized she was supposed to let the birthday girl win. 


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