For February 18

Aaron left with a small group from Marulaon just about the time the sun came up this morning. They traveled in a motor canoe over to Mane Village to celebrate the ordination of two new priests. Aaron carried a big box of banana cake as our family's contribution to the feasting.

The two Margarets came to visit this morning. We sat on the porch, and they asked lots of questions about our trip back to America and what we would be doing when we return in May. We have some place-mat maps, and it was fun to show them a map of the world and just how far the Solomon Islands is from America. I traced the routes of the many airplanes we would be riding, and then showed them on the map of America where we would be going for our re-entry workshop, where we would be living this summer, and then where Aaron would be attending school in the fall. They also wanted to know where all of my siblings lived in relationship to where my parents live. I wish there were someway to take all of my Solomon Island friends back with me to share my home country.

Late in the afternoon, Katherine and I went down to visit close to the shore to await Aaron's return. 

We enjoyed over an hour of playing with little ones and visiting with their moms. 

Katherine especially loves babies. 

Aaron finally returned just before supper.

He met with many Lavukal leaders who had come to the celebration, so he was able to work out the details for the next workshop in Hae Village in March. 

I'm so thankful God worked out those details and saved Aaron a trip and the expense of buying petrol.


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