From March 21

Monday afternoon,  I went with Eta and her sister Vauma to my garden.  We dug about 100 heaps and planted uvikola/cassava, and then we dug trenches and planted more than thirty lime seedlings.  The ground was incredibly hot and dry, and worked until almost dark.  I knew that the seedlings wouldn't survive if we didn't get rain, but we haven't had rain in weeks.  In fact, our big rain tank is down to about 19 inches so we are on "Code Orange" - no sheet washing and only hair washing when absolutely necessary.

Yesterday morning, the rain started, gently.  And it lasted.  All.  Day.  Aaron told me that God did it just for my garden.

Today has been full.  The District Priest had his official first tour of the district, so we had a full communion service this morning, followed by a presentation of gifts and speeches after breakfast.  Then Kiko came over to help me transcribe some videos that I had taken last week in Hae Village.

In the middle of writing down the transcription, I hear Olivia hollering down the hill from where she was playing.  Sure enough, she came screaming up the hill with her hand on her forehead.  She had been watching a friend cutting kino/cutnut, and Olivia leaned in a little too close just as the friend was raising the knife to strike a heavy blow to the nut.  We got the bleeding stopped and Olivia calmed down.  She'll have a great scar as well as a great story!


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