Honiara Hospital

While Aaron and Ezekiel worked at the house, Sarah and I went down to wait with Ofain at Honiara's National Referal Hospital.  About an hour after we got there, water began to flow from underneath the outpatient door as staff mopped.  From time to time, a new batch of water would flow out leaving deposits of dirt (and who knows what else) and creating a hazardous pond to anyone who needed to walk by.  Soon, a nurse came out to say that all those who had spent the night could come inside and be first in line.  Spent the night!?!  My heart ached for all of the sick people, and I really had to struggle with my American mindset and try to look at things through the eyes of my adopted and beloved country.

After two hours of waiting for Ofain's name to be called, Sarah and I drove over to Central Market to pick up some groceries for Ofain's family and for our own.  I'm not sure how many people are living in her brother's house, but it is quite an extended family right now, and I'm not sure that any of them currently have a job.  Sarah and I picked up a couple of heaps of umalau/kumara, some faluk/slippery cabbage, a hand of sav/bananas, and some haleav/shellfish.

Sarah was a huge help in playing with this little girl, Aggie, while we waited for Ofain's name to be called.  Aggie is actually Ofain and Ami's great neice, but Ami has adopted her and Ofain has adopted Aggie's little sister.  Around noon, Ofain's name was finally called, but she soon came back out on the veranda to say that now she could wait inside for the doctor. 

Ofain and me in Marulaon Village

I knew that Aaron and Ezekiel were waiting for me to come home so they could go to the printer, so I asked Ofain to call me and let me know the results of her visit with the doctor.  Going to the hospital is such a scary experience for my friends.  They would rather be really sick than go through the hassle of the hospital experience.  I'm hoping that we can get some answers soon for my friend who has been sick for so long.


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