From February 25

Aaron led a workshop for any Kindergarten teachers in the Russells. Six people attended, and Aaron spent the day sharing the new books the translators prepared and making some more materials for the classes.

Mid-morning I popped some popcorn and took over hot water and tea for the morning tea break. Then, I went down to the store and bought rice, noodles and tinned tuna to add to the uvikola/cassava I provided for the closing meal. I took all of the food over to Hensi's kitchen, where some of my friends were going to prepare the food. After I fed our kids lunch, I began to feel really rotten, just kind of achy all over, so I ended up in bed. My fever began to climb rapidly, so I took some ibuprofen, too. Sarah had to finish up the banana cake for the workshop. She was really great as she stepped into my shoes instead of going out to play. She poured some green coconut juice into a container and kept in the fridge ready for me, and she also fielded any visitors that came to the house. I'm so thankful for her!


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