From March 18

Yesterday afternoon, Katherine and I ended up underneath Skita's house for several hours, hanging out and answering lots of questions about America.  Katherine loves lounging in an ila/hammock with her aunties and friends.

Today, I found a large group of women in Skita's kitchen preparing "bun cake" (yeast rolls) and "ring cake" (donuts).  I was surprised to find that they used the same dough for both.  I'm so used to the extra sugar we Americans put in donuts.

The bun cake cooked in a big pot with fire underneath

and fire on top.  The ladies had both the rolls and the donuts cooking at the same time.  To shape the donuts, Skita just pulled a ball of dough through her hand, then stuck her index fingers into the middle and turned it around and around to make a hole.

The spine of a coconut branch works well to hold the donuts after they've cooked.

And if the rolls get too brown, you can always "taste test" them!

"Your words are so choice, so tasy; I prefer them to the best home cooking." 
Psalm 119:103 MSG


ellen b. said…
Thank you for your visit to my blog from so far away. I'm looking at that kitchen where they are making those bun cakes and marvel at what you can do with so little. Blessings on your remaining time and your travel back to the states for furlough!

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