From March 28

We never know what time the Kosco will arrive.  The earliest we've ever experienced was 5 a.m.  But it didn't come that early today!  So, Cynthia got to go down the hill to market with us.

I'm always amazed and grateful at how much our Marulaon friends are willing to share with us.  I KNOW that God has used the fruits and veggies from market to help us stay healthy and keep us in the village for longer stays.


We bought some motued fish, some pumpkin leaves, and some umalau/sweet potatoes, which made me want to motu and share the experience with Cynthia.  But around 8:30, we heard the dugga-dugga of the ship's engines coming around the corner of the island.


So, we packed up Cynthia and all headed down the hill to say goodbye.


She hopped in the motor canoe and sped away to catch the ship.  What an amazing woman, that Cynthia!  She was so willing to jump into life with our family and to experience life in our village so she could help the Lavukal prepare for having the scriptures in their heart language.

We still enjoyed our motued lunch later in the day, but it would have been much sweeter if we had gotten to share it with Cynthia.


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