From February 4

Aaron forgot to set the alarm last night, so we didn't wake up until the light disturbed our sleep a little before six. I was happy to see some sunshine and started washing our sheets before breakfast. Market was good, no green beans or any kind of leafy greens, but loads of pineapples! It's always good to visit with my neighbors, too. My kids are so great to ferry the food up the hill and bring down any empty jars or bowls to return. This morning, they were a little impatient for me to come home so we could take the kora/scalloped sweet potatoes out of the kitchen for breakfast, so they finally came down to market and asked if they could go ahead and get the tray. The ladies at market were thrilled that we made their kind of food. Kiko said she wasn't feeling well, so I delivered a dish of kora to her house. I also took some to Foamela and Nako, two of Ofain's girls, as a thank you for the banana leaves that they brought to line the tray, and I pulled out a small plate for Eta, who was coming to help me work in the yard today.
As we worked on morning chores, we could hear coconut trees falling between our house and the soccer field as some of our neighbors cut the trees to make space for a new house. It's pretty spectacular to hear the crack and the crashing of these tall trees loaded with coconuts on top. The rain began to pour in buckets and the wind began to blow so hard that we had to close the bottom louvers to keep inside the house from getting soaked. We had set aside today to spend extra time with Aaron, so as soon as the chores were finished, we began to play a game of hearts. We hadn't played very long before Ezekiel dropped by, even in the pouring rain. He was soaked, so I offered him some hot coffee and kora. Aaron offered him a dry shirt. Ezekiel accepted my offer, but he turned down Aaron. Ezekiel was so wet that he didn't even want to sit down on the cane furniture on the porch. Aaron finally convinced him that it was okay. While Aaron was talking with Ezekiel, Katherine and Olivia took advantage of a break in the rain to go down to play with their friends, and Sarah, Benjamin and I enjoyed some personal reading. The rain continued to pour and the wind continued to blow. I've always loved rain and wind, and I have great memories of sitting on the porch swing as a child, book in hand, while the rain and wind blew around me.
Eta came by, and we decided that if the rain stopped, she could come back and work in the yard, but if not to just wait until Monday. Katherine and Olivia came up after a while, and a bunch of children happily played Uno underneath the house for a while. I knew it wouldn't take long before they made it outside and played in the rain, and they amused themselves for a couple of hours running around in the rain. The rain and wind has continued all day long, and, as I type, it's getting dark, and the bell for Evening Prayer has just rung...


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