From March 4

The guys took the lelenga/cassava pudding off the motu right after church, and we had fun sharing with several families in our village.  One of our friends, Grace, came to check on me and stayed to visit for quite a while.  She's going fishing for squid in the morning and promised to bring some for John and Lori to try.

Our kids have especially enjoyed having Little D around.  They have played...


and played...

and played.


Every evening, we have a band-aid party for everybody with sores to clean and re-bandage.  We go through band-aids really fast around here! 

The infection in my leg is progressing.  I'm so glad we caught it really early and were able to begin antibiotics quickly.  Right now, my leg feels like I have a layer of bubble wrap just under my skin.  Just before church tonight, Margart Rasol came to check on me.  She brought coconut oil and massaged my leg while we talked.  How encouraging - God knew I needed her visit!


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