From February 6

For Today...Monday, February 6

Outside my window...rain, rain, rain, but rain brings cooler temperatures

I am thinking...and praying for my grandmother since I just heard an e-mail from my dad read over the radio about her being in the hospital

From the learning rooms...we've finally made it into the 1500s! Olivia (Singapore 4A) and Katherine (Singapore Earlybird B) are starting new math books this week.

I am thankful hard working kids picking up the slack while their daddy is away. They are remembering to turn the solar panels, carry up buckets of water, burn the trash, and still staying on top of their school assignments.

From the kitchen...enjoying some mixes from care packages to make things easy today while Aaron is in another village: blueberry muffins for breakfast, tortilla soup for lunch, and tuna salad and crackers tonight

I am reading... and really enjoying “Laura Bush: Spoken From theHeart” by Laura Bush on loan from a SITAG friend

I am hoping...for a break from this cyclone warning so I can finish the recordings of this round of Bible stories

I am creating...lists of things I want to make sure we bring back from the States for our house in Marulaon. It includes things like a replacement copy of the Berenstein Bears science book used in Sonlight's preschool curriculum, pyrex dishes (9 x 13, 8 x 11, and 8 x 8), and new solar shower bags.

I am hearing...the rain pounding on the tin roof.

Around the house...clothes hanging underneath the house trying to get dry; Magellen, Vasco da Gama, Raphael, and Michelangelo have been added to our wall of fame in the hallway

One of my favorite things...all six of us at home together.

Pondering these words... “I can imagine a couple of ways to make horses want to drink. One would be to run them hard. Push them to run faster or climb higher or go farther than they are comfortable and when you stop at water, they will want to drink. Another way I can think of is to feed them something bitter, maybe salt. Anyone who licks a big block of salt will want a long, cool drink of water....What if the circumstances in your life that push you out of your comfort zone or try your abilities are actually divinely ordained events to make you thirsty?...Only when you have been pushed beyond the limits do you stop and drink deeply.” Valarie Fish, “Get Real” (emphasis added)

A few plans for the rest of the week...hopefully recording the Bible story about the birth of Jesus, Aaron returning on Wednesday

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...still no working camera


us5 said…
i love the quote by Valarie Fish. i'm copying that one.

oh! and i remember that Berenstein Bear science book! we loved it!! :D

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