From March 6

The village wanted to throw a farewell party for the Havengas, so we prepared umalau/kumara with rumit/thick coconut cream.  Aaron scraped and squeezed lots of coconuts for this special culinary treat.


Our friend Dawa caught a couple of turtles for the feast.  Turtle is one of our very favorite foods!

And Sarah and Lori went diving for kalimeta to prepare for tonight's feast, too. 

I LOVE to go diving for these little shellfish, but I stayed at home and let Sarah lead the way.  My friend Kiko and her neice went with them.


Underwater cameras are too much fun - thanks, Lori, for sharing your pics!

These little blue fish are too cute swimming in and around the coral!

The feast began around eight o'clock underneath our house.

We enjoyed dancing and singing and eating and speeches until late.  Marulaon village sure knows how to throw a farewell party.


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