From January 19

I had forgotten how busy homeschooling makes me! After more than a month off, today was a shock to our systems. We had to make new playdough, did you know that playdough molds here after a couple of months?

The kids did great with the routine again, but I was pooped by the time we finished about 2 o'clock. While I was reading history to the kids, two little girls, Naomi & Agara, brought pineapples for us to buy – yum!

When school was out, I walked over to my friend Margaret's house to visit. I learned that the ladies had been talking about me while we were in Honiara. They are so excited about the Bible story project we started during our last stay in Marulaon and ready to get back to work. I'm hoping to meet with the ladies next week, and the Sabers should be in Honiara soon, too. While I was visiting with Margaret, I asked her about the tiny shells that Olivia had enjoyed eating with her friends near Margaret's house yesterday.

The shells are called silat, and they are teeny tiny snacks. The kids collect loads and boil them up. The shells open when cooked and Margaret said you just pick up the meat with your fingers and pop it straight into your mouth!

Aaron continues to work on his pushup challenge. I'm so proud of him. It's hard work to live here in Marulaon, and he is making the effort to be a good steward of his body.

Today was also National Popcorn Day, and because of a care package containing marshmallows, we were able to make our traditional popcorn cake to celebrate.


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