From March 27

This morning, we paddled Cynthia over to Karumulun.  My friend, Nancy, went with us to help us find the path through the coral once we crossed the deep part.  Margaret was supposed to go with us, but her daughter Mary was still sick.  One of the older men in the village said Mary has malav nura/wild people in her belly.


The kids are great paddlers, but we still banged into each other as we tried to row in time.  Singing together help a little bit.

Nancy and Sarah sat on the front and guided us to a soft landing in Karumulun where Ezekiel was waiting for us.

We brought some umalau/sweet potatoes, faluk/slippery cabbage, popcorn, banana cake, and unpopped popcorn to share.


Ezekiel walked with us to give Cynthia a tour of the village.  We played the creation story on the Saber for the village chief and several onlookers.

And we finally got to meet the District Priest's family.  We're excited about our new Priest.  He seems very humble and very interested in caring for his flock.  Hopefully, he'll still be assigned to our church district when we return next year.

Isn't their baby adorable?!?  After our village tour, we walked back to Ezekiel's house where the ladies had prepared a small lunch with haleav, a type of shellfish, umalau, and rice.  Benjamin gave the speech for our family, and he did a great job.  In Ezekiel's speech, he surprised us by saying how pleased he was that we ate and cooked the local food.  I'm still learning, but I'm thankful that God made it easy for us to enjoy eating the food in the Russells.

(Thanks to Cynthia for sharing her pictures!)


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